TeamView® Unified Directory

unified-directoryWe believe that organisations must help their employees to become as efficient as posibile by providing easy tools designed for humans.

We do that by providing a unique solution that improves and makes internal communication more efficient and easy. Efficiency is one of the most important measuremet parameters for employees today. TeamView Unified Directory makes it easier to contact employees across voice, personal and text channels and saves times on finding and accessing colleagues.

TeamView Unified Directory improves the overall customer experience with rich presence features (Calendar, IM and Phone). You can always decide if you can redirect a customer, take a message or locate the nearest available colleague with the right skills.

TeamView Unified Directory is a productivity driven HTML5 based application which offers the user effectivesness with many kind of searchable data, ex. Name, title, phonenumbers, department and searchwords. Data comes from internal systems like Active Directory, Calendar, Skype / XMPP and phone status from yor phone system.

You can also use Unified Directory in you Call Center to make it a powerful Attendant Console, see Call Center tab.

  • Productivity
    TeamView® Unified Directory improves overall efficiency of your employees and reducing time locating colleagues in inter organisational communication. Saves easily 30-60 seconds per call or e-mail.

    Modern design for humans
    TeamView® Unified Directory is designed with humans in mind. Icons are large and the combination with high contrast, color and shape makes it easy to understand and use even for colorblinds.

    Optimizing your communication channel
    TeamView® Unified Directory makes your most important channel for communication even more efficient, when you can search on names (Phonetic), department, title, phonenumbers, e-mail and searchwords a call or chat is only one click away.

    One source for information
    TeamView® Unified Directory combines your most used tools into one powerfull communication platorm, by taking information from Active Directory, Appointments from Calendar System and your presence from IM and Phone. Redusing 4 sources to 1 and improves overall effiency.

    Say goodbye to old paper phonebooks
    TeamView® Unified Directory is always up to date. You can always see the right status, location and availablity of colleagues. You do not waste paper on printed lists and a call or text is only a click away.

    Low technology footprint
    TeamView® Unified Directory runs on one Windows Server (preferable virtual). One Server is more than enough for even very large organisations.

    Modern technologies
    TeamView® Unified Directory is based on HTML5 which makes it optimal for mordern browsers and it even works across technologies such as PC and Smartphones.

    • No data maintenance
    • Can be used to send e-mail
    • Presents today’s and future appointments (calendar integration)
    • Presents actual absence cause


  • Below is a of Unified Directory.

    TeamView Unified Directory

  • A study from Dimension Data in 2017 found that call center agents used 64% of their time on finding and transfering calls to colleagues. With Unified Directory you can reduce the time Agents uses on transfering calls and on the same time improve the overall customer experience and save ressources.

    Below is a picture where Unified Directory is used by AVAYA AACC to make a powerful Active Directory Integrated Attendant Console.

    TeamView Unified Directory

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