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TeamView® is protected by the Danish Copyright Act and international copyright agreements and other legislation realting to ownership and copyright.

Change and progress
The communication technologies are constantly changing, and new versions of third party systems and -applications, operating systems and firmware opens up exciting new opportunities. Therefore - applications supported by technologies with high pace of change must be prospectively and constantly evolving.

In co-operation with - and inspired by - customers and partners, the TeamView® applications are thus constantly undergoing adjustments, improvements and expansions, which also ensures a constantly current market value. Subscribing to TeamView® Software Assurance provides the company with access to this development.

Subscribing to TeamView® Software Assurance also ensure stable and well-functioning applications, uncomplicated upgrades
and that remediation of reported errors and inappropriate items are performed within established guidelines.

Topics and scope
Enhancements and new functionality
New design, new interfaces and new architecture
Optimization and improvements
Support for new operating systems and versions
Support for new firmware versions

Guidelines for debugging stub

 Cat     Cause  Reaction 
1 Stoppages (breakdown) Immediately
2 Periodical program stop Within 2 days
2 Inexpediencies Within 14 days
4 Less significant errors Within 30 days
5 Insignificant errors Next version


Upgrading and versioning
The agreement implies that recent TeamView® versions can allways be downloaded from Scantalks web page. It includes
instructions on the installation where it is clearly defined which versions to be updated from. Versions are defined as:

Reporting and ready reporting
Error reporting (to reseller) must be supplemented with documented error description and the error should be possible to
restore. Scantalk will make the necessary corrections according to the above guidelines, on which new versions are reported
ready for download with attached description of the error corrected.

Subscription terms an duration
Subscription runs for a minimum of one year from delivery. If subscription is requested at a later time, all applications must be
upgraded to latest version before signing. The fee for upgrading to latest version without subscription represent 50% of current
retail price.

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