TeamView® Mobile Status

A service application that provides TeamView® Unified Operator or TeamView® Office Manager with the status of mobile telephones either from a Mobile Operator or through Avaya Extension to Cellular (EC500) feature.

With Avaya EC500, if the employee only uses a mobile telephone (i.e. has no local telephone), then they can be set to be displayed as solely mobile in the "main display". In such case the status icon is displayed in the form of a mobile telephone, that can either be engaged (red screen), available (green screen) or switched off (black icon).

If an employee uses both a mobile and local telephone in conjunction with Avaya EC500, they are displayed as, for example, engaged regardless of which media they are using at the time. The only requirement for this is that outbound calls from a mobile telephone be made via Avaya software for the mobile telephone.

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