TeamView® HangOn Server for Avaya Aura

The popularity of Avaya Aura Communication Manager is due, among other things, to it having been designed in principle to support the entire organisation as one large modern Call Center, where all employees – viewed in relation to customers and partners – are divided up into groups with special competencies.

This facility takes its point of departure in the requirement that all customers be offered immediate and qualified personal interfacing, which statistically is best achieved when employees work in groups. Groups are called via a direct number or receive calls from Receptionists (Attendant Console). If there are no available employees in a group, the call is set to wait until there is through queue management support.

Avaya Communication Manager does not allow Receptionists placing calls in a queue for individuals whose numbers are engaged. However, some organisations have requested this possibility.

TeamView® HangOn Server, which is an add-on application for TeamView® Unified Operator, enables Receptionists to place monitored calls on hold for individuals.

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