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    About Us

    Who are we?

    Scantalk develops and markets a range of functional and service-oriented standard aplications under the common name TeamView® Application Suite.
    Scantalk's cutting-edge solutions are integrated and tested with leading technologies from vendors like Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent, Aastra, Innovaphone, ect

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    TeamView General

    Unified Operator (Switchboard)
    Our partnership with Westcon is gathering pace, which means that there are more inquiries on our Team View products to Avaya IP Office.

    This is why we, the last quarter, spent some time customizing the switchboard, from the inquiries that have come. Therefore, we believe that we have the right product at the right price that matches the IP Office very well.

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    Solution Overview


    TeamView® Solution Overview

    A group of service applications,
    that ensures optimum working conditions

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    TeamView® Education

    Scantalk offering free installation courses at their address in Farum

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